Void relics (as a title) are based on the impressions of a traveller about a city that is covered under the heavy veil of history. Following a flaneuristic approach of exploring a historic city, the photographer created a topology mixed with recent historical events and with echoes from the past that seem to demand an active role in the present. Echoes from the past were for example fascist statues and symbols, or pictures of Benito Mussolini. It was photographer's choice to leave aside documentation approach and to choose a surrealistic depiction of city's topology.

Void relics, void eyes (of eagles) that remain always in a prolonged surprise and admiration. In that environment there are still hidden aspirations of memories that should have been forgotten for ever. All these could have been happening to any historic city, but are happening in an “eternal city”.

These photos are a small collection from the project that was presented as an e-book. There is a preview of the book here (press the "fit to page" button) :  

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