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In a symbolic way this project is dealing with depression, anxiety and the role of subconscious in everyday life. Based on an ancient Greek myth that inspired the name of a psychological phenomenon. L e r n a e a n H y d r a was a gigantic, nine-headed waterserpent, a chthonic creature. It is associated with the underworld, and therefore symbolic with the subconscious.

Hydra appears to be the shadow, or the ugly side of the ego which the individual does not accept as themselves and tries so hard to suppress. Hercules attempted to kill it by cutting the heads from the Hydra with the result being that multiple heads regrowned from each severed neck. In a symbolic way we are seeing the result of one who tries to destroy the shadow instead of assimilating it.

From a psychological standpoint, you cannot destroy the shadow caused by anger, rejection and frustration, you cannot remove the negative. Instead, the individual has to accept these features of the psyche and bring them under his own control. Life can be a constant fight between shadow and light with creativity to be the only temporary remedy for that
fight till the very end

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