-In progress-

There is a part of the world that is located next to a sea. Close to a bay or estuary. Maybe even an island in Aegean sea that is constantly transforming because of touristic industry. There are people living there that are so familiar with the repetitive sound of the waves that are barely noticing it. Waves coming and go, for years, carrying boats and visitors. All those places are full of childhood memories, and hopes for enjoyable leisure time. It can also be the point of entering of immigrants where their hopes are about finding a better life far from their countries. These places by the sea are the embers of hopes, sweet memories or nightmares. Seaside is their scene.

It’s a place where he used to walk and where one could imagine his father walking, triggered by the sounds of the stones and the shingles. “That’s what hell will be like,” he ponders, “small chat to the babbling of Lethe about the good old days when we wished we were dead”.

Samuel Beckett's play "Embers" is taking place next to the sea. The splashing of the waves is the only sound that can be heard. The main character of the play is remembering the people that were important for him in his life, his father, his wife. The sea played for him a significant role in life and death. This in progress project is inspired from that play.

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