B e f o r e t h e L a w

In a realm cloaked in shadow, where reality blurs with the surreal, lies the enigmatic construct of the law. Kafka’s haunting narrative, “Before the Law,” epitomizes the existential quandary of human existence in the face of an inscrutable and omnipotent authority. Here, the law stands as an abstract entity, immutable and omnipresent, casting a formidable shadow over all who dare approach its threshold.

Foucault’s discourse on power further illuminates this labyrinth of control, revealing how the law is not merely a set of rules but a mechanism of domination, shaping and molding society according to its dictates. It is a panoptic force, surveilling and disciplining individuals into compliance, instilling a pervasive sense of fear and obedience.

Before the law, individuals confront a paradoxical reality. They are simultaneously drawn towards its elusive promise of justice and repelled by its impenetrable barriers. Each step towards the threshold is fraught with uncertainty, as the law remains forever beyond reach, forever beyond comprehension.

In this liminal space, time loses its meaning, and the self is stripped bare, laid bare before the unfathomable gaze of the law. Here, existential dread intertwines with the absurd, blurring the boundaries between reality and illusion, between freedom and captivity.

Before the law, we are all condemned to wander, forever seeking entry into the realm of justice, forever haunted by the specter of an authority that remains forever beyond our grasp.

Hard cover - 152 pages - Indigo print - Hand bound 

Design and photography: Anargyros Drolapas (c) 
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